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Welcome to Bookmeritest

Bookmeritest is an online booking platform and it is part of the Diagno care collection center that helps you to book any blood test from the comfort of your home. Bookmeritest is associated with Thyrocare technology limited.

Diagno care collection center operates based in India and bookmeritest site provides you a provision to book online lab tests from anywhere in India.

Along with the blood test booking facility we also provide you a provision to book Thyrocare lab operational material and devices such as Plain serum vials, Gel tubes, Edta Tubes, Fluoride tubes, blood culture tubes, glucometer, gloves, kit, rapid test kit, etc… check out our shop menu Click here

Diano care collection center also provides you with internal laboratory services in Bihar only. if you have a hospital, pathology lab, collection center, diagnostics center, or clinic and want to send a sample to Thyrocare Lab for processing. we will help you to grow your buissness by providing you with business-to-business services. contact us for business inquiries https://bookmeritest.com/contact/

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